Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Diepold

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Research projects



Extending video quality metrics to the temporal dimension with 2D-PCR 1/2011

Comparison of HDTV formats in a consumer environment 1/2011

Analysis of a multimodal-camera and its advantages for autonomous vehicles 1/2010

Visual Quality of Current Coding Technologies at High Definition IPTV Bitrates 10/2010

The Handbook of MPEG Applications: Standards in Practice 2010

Dynamical Information Fusion of Heterogeneous Sensors for 3D Tracking Using Particle Swarm Optimization 6/2010

Enhancing 3D Audio Using Blind Bandwidth Extension 11/2010

A line detection and description algorithm based on swarm intelligence 1/2010

Improving the prediction accuracy of PSNR by simple temporal pooling 1/2010

On the use of reference monitors in subjective testing for HDTV 6/2010

Predicting Cache Contention with Setvectors 3/2010

HRTF Customization using Multiway Array Analysis 8/2010

Improving the Visual Quality of AVC/H.264 by Combining It with Content Adaptive Depth Map Compression 12/2010

A Trust Model for Intervehicular Communication Based on Belief Theory 8/2010

Underdetermined Binaural 3D Sound Localization Algorithm for Simultaneous Active Sources 11/2010

Improving the prediction accuracy of video quality metrics 3/2010

Integrating HRTF Sound Synthesis into Mumble 10/2010

Measuring Anthropometric Data for HRTF Personalization 12/2010

Setvectors for Memory Phase Classification 10/2009

MutanT: A Modular and Generic Tool for Multi-Sensor Data Processing 7/2009

Extended Substitution Cipher Chaining mode (ESCC) 4/2009

Breaking the Substitution Cipher Chaining mode (SCC-256) 6/2009

Enhanced Cryptanalysis of Substitution Cipher Chaining mode (SCC-128) 5/2009

Cryptanalysis of Substitution Cipher Chaining mode 6/2009

The Analysis of Galois Substitution Counter Mode (GSCM) 3/2009

Dynamic Injection Model‏ 6/2009

Impact of Video Source Coding on Performance of Stereo Matching 11/2009

Improving the verification process of video quality metrics 7/2009

The MPEG Open Access Application Format 2009

Calibrating an Automatic Zoom Camera with Moving Least-Squares 7/2009

Content Adaptive Mesh Representation of Images using Binary Space Partitions 5/2009

The Pushdown Attack on AES 6/2009

The Security of Dynamic and Static Substitution Models 7/2009

Optical Flow Reliability Measures and their Applicability for Multi-Sensor Fusion 6/2009

Optimization of Video Coding for Telepresence Applications 12/2009

The Impact of Nonlinear Filtering and Confidence Information on Optical Flow Estimation in a Lucas & Kanade Framework 11/2009

Dimensionality Reduction in HRTF by using Multiway Array Analysis 11/2009

Geometric Algorithms for the Non-Whitened One-Unit Linear Independent Component Analysis Problem 9/2009

Depth Map Compression via Compressed Sensing 11/2009

Fast Depth Map Compression and Meshing with Compressed Tritree 9/2009

A Fast and Scalable Network Encryption Scheme 6/2009

Rule-Based No-Reference Video Quality Evaluation Using Additionally Coded Videos 4/2009

No-reference video quality evaluation for high-definition video 4/2009

MCCCSim - A Highly Configurable Multi Core Cache Contention Simulator 2009

The Pushdown Attack and Attacking the Substitution Cipher Chaining mode (SCC) 7/2009

Enhancing the Motion Estimate in Bundle Adjustment Using Projective Newton-type Optimization on the Manifold 1/2009

Dynamic Permutation Model 7/2009

Galois Substitution Counter Mode 9/2008

Intersection of Subspaces and Network Models 6/2008

Complexity Aware Performance Enhancements for Mobile Video Communication Applications 8/2008

The Substitution Cipher Chaining Mode 7/2008

A Fast Encryption Scheme for Networks Applications 7/2008

Efficient Content Adaptive Mesh Representation of an Image using Binary Space Partitions and Singular Value Decomposition 3/2008

Sparse stereo matching using belief propagation 10/2008

Dynamic Substitution Model 9/2008

Three Dimensional Object Tracking Based on Audiovisual Fusion Using Particle Swarm Optimization 7/2008

A New Narrow Block Mode of Operations for Disk Encryption 9/2008

A New HRTF Interpolation Approach for Fast Synthesis of Dynamic Environmental Interaction 2/2008

"A New HRTF Interpolation Approach for Fast Synthesis of Dynamic Environmental Interactio 2/2008

Towards Real-time Stereo using Non-uniform Image Sampling and Sparse Dynamic Programming 6/2008

The Analysis of Windows Vista Disk Encryption Algorithm 7/2008

Data Processing based on Geometric Feature Detection 10/2008

Truly Incremental Locally Linear Embedding 10/2008

Kognitive Automobile: Neue Konzepte und Ideen des Kognitive Automobile Neue Konzepte und Ideen des Sonderforschungsbereiches/TR-28 4/2008

Fast adaptive graph-cuts based stereo matching 8/2007

A Fast and Robust Solution to the Five-Point Relative Pose Problem Using Gauss-Newton Optimization on a Manifold 4/2007

A Reduced Reference Video Quality Metric for AVC/H.264 9/2007

Building a Reduced Reference Video Quality Metric with very low Overhead using Multivariate Data Analysis 7/2007


A generic method to increase the prediction accuracy of visual quality metrics 11/2007

Subjective Evaluation of Error Control Strategies for Mobile Video Communication 11/2007

Inside the Windows Vista Disk Encryption Algorithm 10/2007

A Fast Solution to the Approximation of 3D Scattered Point Data from Stereo Images using Triangular Meshes 11/2007

Pose Estimation of a Moving Humanoid Using Gauss-Newton Optimization on a Manifold 11/2007

Binaural source localization and spatial audio reproduction for telepresence applications 2007

High Performance 3D Sound Localization for Surveillance Applications 9/2007

Hierarchical Fuzzy Neural Networks for Robotic 3d Sound Source Sensing 6/2007

Robotic binaural Localization and Separation of More Than Two Concurrent Sound Sources 2007

Kalman Filtering and HRTFS for Humanoid Binaural Sound Tracking 6/2007

AES Cryptographic Modes of Operation for High-Speed Networks 7/2007

Statistical Testing for Disk Encryption Modes of Operations 9/2007

Complexity Constrained Robust Video Transmission for Hand-Held Devices 9/2007

Distributed Computing: Windows and Linux 11/2007

Modeling The Variation of the Intrinsic Parameters of an Automatic Zoom Camera System Using Moving Least-Squares 9/2007

Partitioned Moving Least-Squares Modeling of an Automatic Zoom Lens Camera 10/2007

AVC Intraprediction Mode Decision Based on 4x4 Integer Transform 6/2007

Binaural Sound Tracking Using HRTFS 12/2007

A Novel Biologically-Inspired Neural Network Solution for Robotic 3D 2007

Self-Splitting Competitive Learning for Binaural Sound Localization and Separation in Telerobotics 2007

A Novel Approach to Monaural Sound Localization 5/2007

Robotic Binaural and Monaural Information Fusion Using Bayesian Networks 10/2007

Humanoid Monaural Sound Localization Using Unsupervised Clustering 11/2007

A Novel Technique to Model The Variation of the Intrinsic Parameters of an Automatic Zoom Camera Using Adaptive Delaunay Meshes over Moving Least-Squares Surfaces 9/2007

A Semi-automatic 3D Reconstruction Algorithm for Telepresence 11/2006

A 3D reconstruction algorithm for telepresence 10/2006

A New Algorithm for Gene Mapping: Application of Partial Least Squares Regression with Cross Model Validation 5/2006

Robust 3D Robotic Sound Localization Using State-Space HRTF Inversion 12/2006

A Novel Humanoid Binaural 3D Sound Localization and Separation Algorithm 12/2006

A Rational HRTF Interpolation Approach For Fast Rendering of Moving Sound 11/2006

Efficient State-Space Rational Interpolation of HRTFs 6/2006

Automatic Model-Order Selection for PCA 10/2006

Robotic Sound Detection: A Novel Human-Based Approach 10/2006


An Enhanced Binaural 3D Sound Localization Algorithm 11/2006

Performance of Optical Flow Techniques on Graphics Hardware 7/2006

Multi-Domain Subspace Representation of Image Sequences 4/2005

Semantic interpretation of video subspaces in the motion domain 11/2005

Optic flow computation and time-varying system theory 7/2004

Authentication of MPEG-4-based surveillance video 2004

A semi-separable approach to a tridiagonal hierarchy of matrices with applications to image analysis 7/2004

MPEG-4 AVC: Codec mit Chancen bei HDTV und HD-DVD 12/2004

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