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Integrated accelerometry-based Fall Detection System

Integrated accelerometry-based Fall Detection System Background: Falls have an increasing social and economic impact, specially in the developed countries, as life expectancy of our elderly rises dramatically. Fall-related...[more]

Category: Master's Thesis, Cristina Soaz, Bachelor's Thesis


Temporal Color Video Debayering

ARRI München FP/ DA/BA/MA-Thema:Temporal Color Video DebayeringSchwerpunkte: Algorithmikentwicklung, Implementierung in Matlab, evtl. Testaufnahmen und Ressourcenabschätzung[more]

Category: jobs_extern, Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis, Forschungspraxis


Smart Sports: Innovative Echtzeit-Auswertung von hochfrequenten Sensordaten im Sport (z.B. Spielanalyse im Fußball, Basketball, Eishockey...)

BA/MA/DA-Thema: Smart Sports: Innovative Echtzeit-Auswertung  von hochfrequenten Sensordaten im Sport (z.B. Spielanalyse im Fußball, Basketball, Eishockey...) Smart sports: Innovative real-time processing of high-frequency...[more]

Category: Master's Thesis, Bachelor's Thesis, Forschungspraxis


Gradient Temporal Difference Learning

Imagine you are driving a car up a hill. This normally does not pose any problem. Now imagine, you have a very heavy car with an engine not powerful enough. Fortunately on the opposite side of the valley you are in, there is...[more]

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Sparse Bayesian Modelling

Someone gives you a stick and your task is to balance this stick upright with your flat hand, without holding the stick itself. For most humans this is easy to achieve after a short period of training. Robots without a concise...[more]

Category: Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis, Dominik Meyer, offen, Aktuelles


Depth from monocular cues – comparison and combinations

Depth from Mono, or Shape from X, is a vibrant field in computer vision, which aims to estimate the underlying 3D structure of a scene on the basis of a single image. Various monocular cues can be utilized to this problem,...[more]

Category: Master's Thesis, Bachelor's Thesis, Forschungspraxis, Ulrich Kirchmaier, Aktuelles


Ähnlichkeitsbasierte Filterung zur Reduktion von Bildfehlern

Bachelorarbeit/Forschungspraxis/Ingenieurspraxis Schwerpunkte: Image Denoising, Matlab-Programmierung, Implementierungskonzept in Hardware Nähere Details können der anhängenden pdf-Datei entnommen werden. Das Thema kann ab...[more]

Category: Bachelor's Thesis, Christian Keimel, Forschungspraxis